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Our company started as a domestic industry in May 1982 and has grown into the current Han kang Korea.
We, Han kang Korea, are dealing with customers all over the world and putting their strength in the aftermarket market.
Produce remanufacturing parts alternator & starter motors based on excellent technical know-how
The corresponding parts are also available. Han kang Korea always has high quality and
We promise to do our best for customer satisfaction.

Hankang Korea LEE SANGRO

Main Product


    ALTERNATOR continuously supplies electric power to various vehicle batteries. It is one of the parts in charge of the role. This is the in-car electrical system It plays an important role in the use, and the head office uses high-quality products produced ba sed on the technology and know-how that have been acquired for over 40 years. We are exporting all over the world.


    STARTER is an electric motor that plays the central role of the starting device. When starting, the motor rotates and a magnetic switch is attached to the tip. At this time, the pinion is pushed into engagement with the ring gear of the flywheel, and the engine At the same time as it rotates, it starts. At Han kang korea, this important product is manufactured by experienced engineers based on excellent technology and exported to the world.

Global Customer

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